I woke up on a quiet and peacefull morning when i got my glasses and other stuff i decided to take bedge for a nice walk for once to the forbidden forest (which only royals can go there) i left my other puffles at home with lynn like thumbler and hubert. Things were normal in the otwn like the paperboy and robots attacking (wait what) then i relised gonez was attacking.

My puffle thumbler was all alone then when  he looked outside and he was confused he was thinking how did they get into the town without being spotted by the guards he ran outside like my last bowl of running beans.Thumbler then used his mighty tail to destory a random robot called bob but any way thumbler saved us all bla bla bla but then i saw a mystreious shadow in the distance.

So thats it so far tune in soon for the next part i hope you enjoyed 


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